Crime Line

Crime Line

19 December 2018

It’s that time of the year again folks, the big guy and his reindeer will be here before we know it. You will have noticed the increase of traffic and people around Wanaka, making our small town very busy, so please be patient. Word of warning, the evening of the 24th traditionally sees a large influx of males in town busy doing their Xmas shopping so give them some space, it’s a very stressful time for them. (It’s just the way we are ladies, you won’t change it!!)

As most of you are aware, the festive season requires extra attention on our roads, in particular with drink driving. The next few weeks will see numerous Police check points around the town. So plan ahead, catch a lift with a mate, or a taxi. Leave the car in town or….get the wife or husband out of bed to come and pick you up. (However, this will cost you the next day, but it’s better than losing your licence).

During the week there were 4 drivers processed for Excess Breath Alcohol. Two of the drivers were involved in accidents.

If you live in the Hawea area you have probably noticed the skid marks all over the roads from a lad who thinks he’s Ken Block. The good news is Police have located him, due to some great work by a couple of members of the public, and he is off to Court. Three of these offences in a 4 year period and the Court will order the car to be crushed. – They make excellent bake bean tins.

A person lost their wallet at a local bar during the week. Unfortunately the person who found it wasn’t in the queue when they handed out “ethics & morals” and went on a bender around a couple of bars making 10 fraudulent transactions. I’m fairly confident we will identify this person.

A fitness trainer had some of his gear stolen while at Pembroke Park. This offence happened at around 7.45am 12/12/18 while he was jogging around the park with a client. Keep your eyes peeled for a green weighted tube (6kg), red resistance band with handles on each end and a KINGS top with “Fit Collective Wanaka” written across it.

There was a water incident on the Lake on Sunday 16th. Excellent work by our informant who noticed a swimmer who appeared in trouble south of Ruby Island. Two boats went to her aid but continued after they saw she was wearing a life jacket and she said she was ok. About 10 minutes later the lake had chopped up and another boat spotted her. Luckily for her there was a local fireman in this boat who has dealt with the aftermath of these situations, normally when it’s too late. He convinced her to get into the boat then took her to shore. The swimmer was a tourist who was unaware the lake can become rough as quickly as it did.

Until next time, enjoy and stay safe.