Crime Line

Crime Line

9 January 2019

Welcome to Crime Line for 2019. Hopefully everyone is off to a good start for the New Year.

As you will have noticed, town is very busy with the large injection of holidaymakers, boats, families and children. Given the population increase it is great to see that we have not had too many major incidents.
We have received the usual complaints for this time of year associated with drunken disorder, which is only attributed to a minority of folk who can’t control their behaviour after a couple of Fanta’s.

Damaged road signs seems to be the flavour of the month with approximately 6 pulled out on Wanaka Mt Aspiring Rd, from McDougall Street – Studholme Road. One of these signs was used to smash 5
windows in a 4wd that was parked near the lake. Anderson Rd suffered a similar incident with multiple signs damaged, and again 2 vehicles, just parked up minding their own business, received broken windows. We would love to catch up with whoever caused this damage and any information would be greatly appreciated.

Another parked vehicle was the victim of wilful damage, receiving a caved in bonnet after some delinquent jumped on it. Also, several umbrellas were stolen from outside Alchemy Restaurant on 01/01/19.

Two bikes have been reported stolen over the past week. One was stolen from a vehicle bike rack overnight. Remember to lock your bikes up – it’s a great deterrence. Opportunist thieves generally don’t like thinking too hard and a bike lock really confuses them.

We received 3 complaints relating to indecency/obscenities, with police making an arrest for 1. The other 2 have been followed up and dealt with in the appropriate manner.

A male on active charges for burglary was arrested for not abiding by his curfew.

The office wall at the library was damaged when the driver accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake…whoops. But luckily nobody was injured.

Great news (almost) on the drink driving page, we have conducted numerous checkpoints over the last 5 days, stopping around 750 vehicles with only 2 drivers apprehended for Excess Breath Alcohol. This is a
district focus over the summer months, so keep up the good work.

Found property – such as bikes, watches and a tailgate have been handed in. Report your lost items at, so we can return found items back to their owners.

Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe.