Crime Line

Crime Line

16 January 2019

Hi and welcome to 2019.

We are now back to the normal numbers of Police, heading off the world of crime in the Wanaka area. Which, for statistics sake is 13 sworn officers and 2 non-sworn (being 1 watch house keeper and 1
support officer).

Our area covers from the top of the Crown Range to the top of the Haast Pass hill. Queensberry to Mt Aspiring National Park.

If I can just start off with a big thanks to the very large crowds that came into town. You acted not too badly as a whole and I must say, left town in a nice and orderly fashion.

The one thing that stands out for me is the young teens that start to gather in the evenings on Ardmore Street a couple of days before New Year’s Eve. There are no parents with these people and they seem to be in some groups that tend to get out of hand. Wanaka as a holiday destination is what the word should mean - a holiday. Parents of these young ones, please make sure your children are under no illusion that a Police record is a record. You have to do more to keep them safe, sober, have the ability to socialise in large groups and know that a Police record is not an acceptable consequence. Their behaviour needs to be better and parents play the primary role in this.

In the last seven days we have had a few things going on. There were three incidents where people needed help - trampers and a water rescue. Also, a couple of incidents where flatmates have needed assistance. There was a burglary in Albert Town where a guitar was taken, a garage fire in Albert Town, wilful damage to two cars at Raspberry Creek, an assault with a weapon and a drink driver who will attend court.

A matter which has been brought up is how some of the roads become narrower due to some houses having multiple cars and trailers etc. parked outside. For safety, a road should be clear enough for an
emergency vehicle to get through and not in a dodgy manner. Fire trucks are not the easiest vehicles to throw around when they are in a hurry to get to your house to put that fire out. Have courtesy for your neighbours and make a considered decision on where to park.

It’s time to return to work for a lot of tradies this week. I suggest 2019 be a year that you start off with a good old fashioned check of your site security:
Is everything there from 2018? Do you need to record the tools you have (photos and serial numbers). Has your container got a great lock on it? Can you get a CCTV camera placed to see our work zone? Do you know the neighbours? Do they have your phone number?

Have a good week and keep safe.