Family Works - Presbyterian Support Otago

16 January 2019

Family Works Buddy programme is a one to one mentoring programme, matching young people aged 5 to 11 years with an adult volunteer. We have a waiting list of children across Central Otago, particularly boys, seeking a male role model. We are eager to hear from males and females who would like to make a positive difference in a young person’s life.

The volunteers come from all walks of life and are of all ages – from people in their 20s through to their 70s.
Adult Buddies do not need any special skills, just the motivation and a willingness to share common
interests for 2-3 hours a week with a young person.

Training, ongoing support, and supervision is provided by the local Buddy Coordinator, who is just a phone
call away if advice is needed.

An Adult Buddy will create a positive bond that can boost the child’s life with friendship, fun, encouragement and a positive attitude. The programme has huge benefits for both the children and the adults who take part. Adult Buddies have commented on how fulfilling it is to see a child progress, during the time they spend with them.

Our next training day for volunteers is on the 2nd of March. Please get in touch now to register your interest. No obligation enquiries welcome. Phone Sharon Bell on 021 223 2265 or email