Crime Line

Crime Line

23 January 2019

Well I’m really hoping this weather settles. Wind and rain has been the status quo for the summer so far. I’m sure February and March will be stunning as usual.

Around 1am on Wednesday morning two males were seen trying car door handles as they walked along a road in Albert Town. It is a reminder to all of us to make sure your cars are locked and valuables are removed.

SAR were notified and concern was raised when two trampers were overdue. It transpired that they were running slow due to an injury and they came out on their own thankfully.

On Thursday night a male was seen on Camp Hill Road damaging signs and fences as he went.

We dealt with a fraud where the victim was defrauded $62,000. Do not give any details out over the phone until you have confirmed it is actually the bank you are talking to. In this case the victim acted quickly and all but $4000 was recovered. Another incident where a stolen Eftpos card was used for a spend up at a number of retailers in town, to the value of $120 via pay wave. Pop your card on hold as soon as possible when you know it is gone.

Of note the staff working in the weekend stopped a lot of cars both in Wanaka and rural areas without a single drink driver located. Well done those who made good decisions after a few, or who decided to refrain from drinking so they could drive.

We attended a low speed tractor collision with a barrier in the Hawea area.

Possibly the most foolish job we attended was a group who were swimming in the lake between Beacon Point and Stevensons Arm.  There was strong wind and chop and not likely to have been able to make it back to shore. A big shout out to the private boat operator who assisted by picking them up and taking them to shore. I don’t think the swimmers understood the gravity of their situation.

Property is still coming in everyday. Please stop by if you have lost any items. Found property of interest this week: a petrol container, jewellery and still plenty of wallets/purses.

Keep up the good work Wanaka, it’s not long until the school holidays are over.

E noho ra.
Be safe out there.