Crime Line

6 February 2019

It’s February already and crashes, drink driving and water mishaps are in the news. It’s great to see though that the local people are looking out for the holiday makers who don’t read the lake’s weather and changing water conditions correctly. The waves in the lakes are a lot closer together than the ocean and as such make it dangerous to be out there if you’re not a boat god.

A bad crash on Cardrona Valley Road last Thursday saw a young male turn in front of an oncoming ute. Lucky, was the only word for him. Air bags and side impact crumple zones made the difference in how this turned out. The ute caught on fire and with the help of passers-by including the great guys from the Scaffolding Company, it was put out. Safety cones were put up and the scene made pretty well safe by the time emergency staff got there.

I keep saying this in most Crime Lines, but thank you for stepping up and making a difference to the welfare of the community. I’m not sure what was said regarding the wild wind storm, but again, locals used their personal vehicles and chainsaws and brute strength to move branches, cut trees, help others who had their power cut and generally clean up what was just a freak event.

A young fella drove his vehicle onto the footpath outside Escape Clothing, took his keys out and wandered off, leaving his car on the footpath. The half full beer bottle in the centre console may have been the reason. An infringement notice was issued and the car towed. Taxis are the way to go… Just saying.

A vehicle was broken into on Warren Street.  The male has been in it for some time, writing his thoughts on the dash and signing it off with his name and he also tried to set the car on fire. Perhaps he would like to come into the Police Station and we can show him the correct way of how to leave a hand written note before we come knocking on his door.

With more and more people from out of town driving on our roads I do encourage patience and giving yourself an extra 30 plus minutes for the drive to Queenstown. Our driving complaints are followed up to the fullest that we can. So call the Police, don’t get to the road-rage stage as this is going to work against you.

The small kids are back to school this week. For pick up or drop off, remember 20km/h past a school bus that is stopped. Do a practical demonstration and measure out the below, you can see why 20km/h is best:

At 20km/h you travel about 6.5m per second. At 50km/h about 13m per second and 100km/h is about 26m per second… It’s a big difference… And no, the excuse of “my car is very safe” just does not work here.

Keep safe out there…