Crime Line

20 February 2019

  So the keen few have again completed another years Challenge Wanaka, congratulations to you all. I was to be in a team this year but one of us decided to have a crack as an individual, so I was ditched. He actually did quite well on his own, so I guess he can be forgiven.

Vehicle crashes and search and rescue operations have been the flavour of this week’s activities for the Wanaka Police.

On Monday two males were seen trying to steal money from the camping fee box at the Cameron Flat campsite. These funds are used to improve and maintain facilities in our DOC areas. These resources are thin and anyone caught stealing will be dealt with appropriately. 

On Tuesday one person received a broken ankle when the van she was traveling in rolled several times off the Wanaka – Luggate hwy. They had unsuccessfully tried to avoid a collision after another vehicle performed a U-turn in front of them. Everyone concerned were wearing seatbelts which undoubtedly prevented further injury. One person was charged with careless driving causing injury.
Alpine Cliff Rescue were put on standby after a person received suspected spinal injuries after a canyoning accident. The Queenstown Rescue Helicopter was able to successfully winch the patient to safety and transport them to Dunedin hospital.

On Wednesday a vehicle careered off the road and through a farm fence before coming to rest in a paddock off Riverbank road. The driver said she made the mistake of trying to drink from her water bottle whilst driving. A new meaning to ‘drink driving’.
Thursday afternoon saw police attend three vehicle crashes in three hours. Luckily all were non injury.

One of these crashes involved a Toyota Rav 4 rolling several times on Warren Street. It had driven straight through a give way intersection and collided with another vehicle. All of these crashes were avoidable if the drivers had been concentrating on their main task of driving their car.

On Friday someone decided to make off with a concrete turtle that had been standing guard of a ladies garden on Kingston Street, Albert Town. Any information that can help return the turtle will be gladly received.

Aspiring Helicopters and a Wanaka Alpine Cliff Rescue team were called on Friday evening and Sunday to assist with two rescues. On Friday they picked up a tramper from the Timaru area with a suspected dislocated shoulder after a beacon was activated. And on Sunday they were called to recover three trampers who found themselves in an unhappy place on steep terrain above Lochnagar. With only their egos hurt they were helped back to safer surroundings.

Wanaka Police have been handed a lot of lost property lately, so if you are missing a piece of jewellery come and ask and the friendly ladies at our front desk maybe able to reunite you.

Have a safe week.