Crime Line

25 June 2019

Here is a snippet of the things that have kept us busy this week.

Monday: A dead sheep was found skinned and butchered near Timaru creek. It is not known at this stage if it was stock from a farmer or wild. A fraud scam was brought to our attention and thankfully the person scammed was able to recover their substantial funds quickly – be cautious if your spidey-senses start tingling. A disrespectful human has made off with money from the honesty box at Roy’s Peak. No doubt this person cares little for track maintenance.

Tuesday: A mental health episode was attended. Help was pro​vided to them so if you find yourself struggling, there are people and organisations out there who will listen.
Wednesday: A male was arrested for possessing an offensive weapon - he faces court action as a result. An arrest was also made in relation to a domestic matter. A creepy male has been seen a number of times on the Edgewater walking track behaving oddly. If you spot someone acting strangely around there, give us a call.

Thursday: A suspicious vehicle was reported around Tenby Street.
We attended and with help from the public crossed off a few options. It turns out it was a local contractor door-knocking. A family harm matter was attended and we also helped out Cromwell Police with a job they had going on.

Friday: Three vehicle crashes were attended. These were related to ice and grit, so please remember to reduce the risk that the season can cause by lowering your speed 15-20km/h. Another fraud matter was reported in which items were purchased off Facebook. Please do not trust Facebook as a secure means of purchase, unlike TradeMe which has more secure measures in place. A family harm matter was attended, and during the night there was an alcohol fuelled assault in town.

Saturday: Police dealt with an on-going issue involving school age children and an assault. Please keep talking to your kids about bullying and continue to reinforce the message that it isn’t okay. The evening saw some disorder at a local bar and someone has to explain themselves in court. Police also set up a number of checkpoints around the town and only 1 drink driver in about 40 cars stopped was taken off the streets. This was quite good to see. There were also plenty of people that did enjoy a beverage, but kept it at a responsible level. Know your limits.

Sunday: A broken down boat was helped to shore by Coast Guard and Police. The occupants all had life jackets, fully charged phones and warm kit so hats off to them for doing it right. Grit was also the culprit in a vehicle crash, so take care when driving over the Crown Range.
Thank you to all those drivers who defrosted your windscreens in the mornings... the rest of you, give yourselves an extra 5-10 minutes to blast the heater and throw some water on the outside.

Have a great week everyone and stay safe.