Crime Line

10 July 2019

Hi everyone! Where is the snow? I write this on Sunday night so hopefully I am still correct in saying this when this comes to print. It’s warm out there most nights and I think the grass is still growing.
Over the week, a few items have been taken from the bars at night. Please make sure your stuff (jackets, passports and clothing) goes home with you. If you need clothes or jackets, try visiting the second hand stores in town. They are the favourite of many a Wanaka local, including myself.
Thefts from stores are becoming a problem. Although some may see this as not a worry, they cost the stores many thousands of dollars a year. Be respectful to others who are working hard.
A snowboard and skis were stolen from Cardrona Ski Resort. Again, please look after your things; they cost a lot of money and they need your attention. Have a plan to look after your gear – ask someone to look after them while lunch is being had and stagger your rest periods.
Over the week, there were a couple of crashes at the Lake Hawea Dam structure – off the road into the fence. Luckily the old fence held. With some work we hope a new and better fence will replace the old one.
Please take care on all of our roads. The loss of your car at any time is a great inconvenience and injury can last for years, both physical and mental. It’s the responsibility of us all to drive safely and ensure each of us and our families get to where we're going safely.
Three people this weekend were apprehended for drink driving and are off to court. We always say it, but if you are drinking, have a plan to get home some other way.
The weather is bound to get snowy and cold at some stage and that will probably lead to ice on the roads. Be prepared and make sure you drive to the conditions. Make extra time for that journey and leave 30 minutes earlier. Also allow for everyone else on the roads and be patient!
Keep calling in with the bad driving on *555 and if you have a passenger who can take a video that would be gold!
Have a good week.