Crime Line

28 August 2019

Hi Wanaka,
The Winter Games have kicked off this weekend. A great opportunity to see some talented athletes in action at the ski fields and other venues.
Some of you may have seen the booze bus out last Friday and Saturday nights. Extra staff from surrounding stations in the district came to lend a hand to help run the checkpoints. Approximately 910 drivers were breath tested. Of those drivers, 7 will be appearing in court with 5 others receiving fines for being in the lower alcohol range. Another driver was spoken to for a drug related offence after there was a certain odour coming from the vehicle. “Good to see the booze bus out doing checks” was the general feedback.
There were a few sets of skis, a snowboard, along with other belongings taken from both TC and Cardrona this week. It’s a shame this continues to happen. It can be a real spoiler at the end of a good day.
One chappy was left to wander home cold after his jacket was taken from a local bar and another had his cell phone taken. Please keep an eye on your property whilst out for the night and help deter the opportunistic thieves.
Never get Hangry! A drunk male was removed from a local service station after he caused an embarrassing commotion. He demanded chicken wings, and he wanted them yesterday. The poor shop assistant was getting ready to close up for the night and was left shaken from the ordeal.
We have been informed that at least four cats have recently disappeared from the Meadowstone, Willowridge, McDougall and Upton street areas. One resident was concerned that someone could be responsible for the disappearances. Let’s hope this is not the case and that they are reunited with their families.
Lastly, let’s talk mental health. If you are struggling to deal with a certain situation or feeling depressed, anxious or stressed. please talk to someone you trust. There are some great agencies that are specifically trained in these areas. Get help today and live a better tomorrow.
Have a great week, and stay safe.