Crime Line

Crime Line

4 September 2019

Hi Wanaka,

Over the last week we have had a number of skiers and snowboarders around for the Winter Games. Otago University had a group up for the week which they fi nished up on Saturday - they were very well behaved, not like the old days.

During the week the Police were called to a couple of family harm incidents, with one person off  to explain themself to a Judge. If you are struggling in a relationship whether fi nancially or just the pressures of everyday life, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. There are some great agencies that are specifi cally trained and can help ease that burden in these areas. Police have a list of agencies that can help, or you can seek help at Community Networks on Brownston Street.

In and around the Queensbury area, there has been sightings of a drone fl ying around and getting very close to houses. If anyone knows anything please call Police - this is a complete invasion of privacy.
Over the weekend we had just the one drink driver. This was pleasing to see. The message is getting through. However one is still one too many. It’s great to see the taxis getting used. There seems to be a lot more of them on the road.  Our message is always to drink responsibly and arrange alternative transport if you are going to drink.

Sunday brought in the fi rst day of spring, which means the days are getting longer, with the warmer weather. Outcome the singlets, shorts and the jandals.  Bring on the BBQs I say!

Here in Wanaka we are very fortunate in having a thriving Community Patrol group who patrol our streets for a few hours on a Friday and Saturday night to keep everyone safe. Please contact Constable Ian Henderson at the Wanaka Police station on 443 7272 if you want to join the CPNZ group or know more about what they do.

Have a great week.