Crime Line

Crime Line

11 September 2019

The week has brought a mixture of jobs for the Police. We attended a crash in the Cardrona Valley where a car ended up in the river, luckily no one was injured during this incident.
Police received multiple calls during the week relating to poor driving. We encourage you to call us whenever you see this, it allows us to stop and speak to the driver, sometimes resulting in just educating them, other times your call may be the second or third complaint for this driver which we prioritise with urgency.

It is technically a crime to go onto somebody’s property and pick their flowers and fruit if you do not have the owner’s permission. If you fancy some flowers and would like a clipping, just knock and ask if you may have a sample, one report of this during the week.

Police attended several family harm incidents.

We took another report of skis and poles being stolen from Cardrona Ski Resort, scallywag behaviour! If these were taken by mistake then please return them.

An individual at a local watering hole decided the fire needed more wood so placed a bar stool in it. Enquiries are ongoing as to who this was and the evidence is strong. If this was you, best get in front of it and confess at the Police Station.

A drink driver was caught after being snapped speeding, a big ticket coming their way.
A report was taken of items being stolen from a car. Always lock your vehicle and don’t leave anything enticing for opportunist thieves. 

It was quite appalling to see on Saturday morning general carnage around the place. This type of behaviour continued into the evening and a general sense of disorder plagued the town. Sadly it is what happens when people consume more alcohol than they can handle. The evidence was also visible on Sunday morning.

Have a great week everyone and stay safe. I have noticed an obvious decrease in the amount of speeders in town so that is great to see, thank you for that.