Crime Line

18 September 2019

Kia Ora koutou. Well the full moon seemed to play its part over the weekend with us attending an increase of the unusual jobs this week. Some say the moon has no effect but from what I have seen so many times I believe otherwise.

A male was spoken to after he was located urinating on a car in a ski field car park. The owner of the vehicle was offended by coming across this behaviour especially in front of his children but the male did not stop even after being asked to do so. He then urinated on the neighbouring vehicle and left. No surprise that he was arrested for his actions.

We are investigating a burglary of a house where a safe was removed from an address.
We attended a noisy party in Hawea around 8:30pm. I am not sure if people are aware but any time of day or night Noise Control can be called to look into a noise complaint. It is all about reasonable noise for the time, place and circumstances. What is a comfortable volume at 3pm may be far too high at 10pm or later.

There was a report of a bike being stolen from outside a local café. Bicycles which are not locked make it too easy for a thief to take. It is unacceptable to steal something that belongs to someone else but let’s try and secure our things so it is at least not too easy to do.

We caught another 4 drink drivers this week with one being more than three times the legal alcohol limit. I wonder sometimes what their friends are thinking when they know their friend has been drinking and then get in the car. Why are we not caring enough for them or yourselves to stop them from driving and finding another way to get home? All of these people had a short distance to travel to get home.

We were called to a pair of suspicious males outside a local backpacker. They were smoking cannabis on a main street in town with passers-by so there was no surprise we were called.

A number of calls to Police of bad drivers on our roads again. Can I remind our readers that it is not only foreign drivers who are the subject of driving complaints. Stay on your own side of the road, obey the speed limit and don’t overtake with less than 100 metres of clear visibility throughout the entire manoeuvre. Stay safe out there please.

We also dealt with a number of Family Harm matters over the week.

There are only a few weeks of ski season left so let’s see if we can get through relatively unscathed overall. Look after each other and make sure you are not only thinking of yourself as many of the people in the matters we dealt with this week did.

Kia Tiro, ka mihi