Crime Line

Crime Line

2 October 2019

I can’t believe another week has gone by and that October will be upon us by the time this is printed. The snow is melting, it’s warming up and the days will be longer.

We have a new addition to the station this week directly in from the North Island. Sergeant Kim Chirnside, takes up the position of Public Safety Team Supervisor.  He is a welcome addition with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm which he brings to Wanaka. Feel free to say hi when you see him out an about.
There was plenty to keep us busy this week particularly over the weekend with a few extra people passing through for Blossom Festival.

On Saturday night Police were called to two fires around Gunn Road and Clan Mac Road in Albert Town respectively. Fireworks were a contributing factor and anyone who knows anything about this is encouraged to speak to police. Tomfoolery can be tolerated until it compromises the safety of our community, at which point it’s no laughing matter.

Alcohol certainly played a part in some weekend behaviour.  I would like to remind parents and caregivers of our young people that supplying alcohol to minors is an offence for which you can be fined. Alcohol is a major part of our business here in Wanaka and it’s not as harmless as it seems to be, to supply teens with alcohol. We will be policing this particularly diligently with the lead up into the summer months. Something in our culture has to change.

ur roads are also still a focus for us and October sees us placing a focus on impaired driving. Every driver who is pulled over will be breath tested. Please remember to sort your sober driver or another way to get home. There’s too much to lose to drink and drive.

On Sunday a driver lost control of his vehicle on the Wanaka Mount Aspiring Road causing it to be unable to be driven. Carelessness was probably the biggest factor in play.

anaka will be hosting a number of collection events for the amnesty/buy back in the coming months for firearms that will be deemed illegal as of 20 December 2019. Please go to the NZ Police Website for details which will be updated in due course with dates and locations for Wanaka.

Enjoy your longer evenings, have a safe week and look after each other.