Creating a SUCfree Wanaka in the next three years

2 October 2019

In Wanaka alone, up to 1 million takeaway coffee cups end up in landfill or contaminating recycling streams every year. These cups take decades to break down, emitting carbon and methane as they do it, and, without a commercial composting facility, the compostable ones can be even worse for our environment.

SUCfree (Single Use Cup-free) Wanaka is a campaign by the community, for the community, to make our beautiful place free of the scourge that is single-use cups by 2022. It’s a big ask but the teams behind it:  Plastic Free Wanaka, hospitality group Wanaka Hospo Goes Eco and ONE New Zealand, reckon that if anyone can do it – our place can.

One of the key strategies is to bring Again Again to town – a brilliant cup-lending scheme already operating successfully in Wellington and Auckland. The idea is if you can’t sit in to drink your coffee or haven’t brought your Keep Cup, you can borrow a cute stainless steel Again Again cup with a recyclable cardboard sleeve from a participating café for $3 – which you get back in full when you return the cup.

10 cafes are already on board with Again Again – Florences Café and Foodstore, Big Fig, Alchemy Café, Pembroke Patisserie, Sailz Cafe in Hawea, Monkey Farm, Ritual Espresso Café, Federal Diner, Relishes, and Ode.

SUCfree Wanaka’s official launch will be at this year’s ONE Summit 12-2pm, October 29 at the Lake Wanaka Centre. Everyone is welcome to join. The project is supported by QLDC’s Waste Minimisation Fund. More info at Plastic Free Wanaka’s Facebook page and @sucfreewanaka on Instagram.