Crime Line

Crime Line

16 October 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to the lawn growing season.

I would like to say I will be in the Mow growing competition this November but the wife is not keen on that. But all the best to those who get in and give it their best. It is a great cause and many people benefit from those waxy creations.

A large fire opposite Diamond Lake was dealt with by fire units from all over the area. I saw this on the night.  It was something that makes you believe the ads on TV. In case of fire get out. Have you checked your smoke alarms and batteries lately?

A male was arrested on a Warrant and taken to court this week.
Quite a few bikes have been handed in to the Police station this week. This is a timely reminder to secure your bikes.

Two drink divers were processed this week. One issued an infringement notice and the other off to court. Christmas parties will start to be planned for the near future. Please make transport there and back to the home a part of this planning.

We received some driving complaints for people coming over the Crown range. Don’t forget, a video or a couple of pictures are great stuff for us when we stop and talk to the drivers. On some occasions the rental companies are cancelling the contracts as a result of your reports.

Two bikes were taken and sold online this week. A male is being spoken to about this.
A male was caught on CCTV camera stealing at a local shop. He was known to Police and now has an appointment with the judge to explain his actions.

We are getting to a busy part of the working year where stresses are put on some parts of the work force to finish projects or get things done before Christmas. If things are getting on top of you please talk to family and friends about the issues you have. They are important issues as they are real. We are also here to help and can get the right people for you to talk to. Arguments with family members is probably the sign that we need to get involved and get some help to you. Others who see this please get involved and help your family members and friends. We are a community.

Hey everyone take care out there.