Crime Line

Crime Line

6 November 2019

It was noticeable that the Wanaka Police were absent from all media last week, but rest assured we weren’t absent from your streets.  There has been plenty to do in the past 2 weeks.
Apart from the score, the rugby went off without a hitch here in Wanaka.  Post-match celebrations were appropriate, however there was a noticeable number of patrons leaving it until 3am to determine how to get home.  Stay safe out there and don’t find yourself wandering Ardmore Street at 3am.  Make plans to get home safely!

We often find that the Wanaka Police are popular with the community, but one young man took this to a new level.  He was so enamoured with his experience getting a speeding ticket on Thursday that he found the same officer the following night, this time electing drink driving to get the officer’s attention.  While the experience with the officer was no doubt pleasant, it is not worth the harm that can be caused to other road users.

Family Harm has seen a spike of late including several arrests, giving a worrying trend for summer.  Unfortunately the cycle of harm, synonymous with Family harm is present in our peaceful town.  Hopefully the upcoming good weather and some social lubrication doesn’t lead to harm within our community. 

One gentlemen who believed that Aubrey Road was a drag strip was stopped and processed for drink driving on Friday night.  His car wasn’t taken at the time, however the following night he sought a sober driver to be his chauffer, but chose a disqualified driver.  His car is now on a 28 day holiday.
There was a nasty crash in Cardrona Valley on Sunday, where a vehicle rolled off a bank to avoid a head-on collision.  The second vehicle did not stop, reminding us of our obligations when involved in an accident to check on others involved.  Perhaps they had something to hide?  Enquiries are ongoing to remind them of that.

With lovely hot weather this weekend, many flocked to the beach in town.  Disappointing were a few choosing to smoke their Mary Jane on the beach, right next to the Dinosaur Playground.  They were relieved of their stash and won’t be repeating the exercise.

A firearm amnesty and buy-back scheme is in place until 20 December 2019. Those in possession of prohibited items have until this date to notify Police and hand in their firearm/s and/or parts. Wanaka collection dates are 15th, 16th November and 8th December 2019 at the Upper Clutha Rugby Club Rooms, 8am to 4pm. For more Information go to the NZ Police website or visit the station.
Lastly, the Albert Town bridge will be closed to traffic from 10pm Wednesday, 6th November, so that repairs can be made to the surface. A detour will be via Camphill Road, Kane Road and SH8A.

Have a great week.