Crime Line


24 December 2019

Merry Christmas to all the Wanaka locals and visitors to our town, from your local law enforcement specialists.

We are braced to receive thousands of extra guests to Wanaka over the next couple of weeks and welcome them to our sunny part of the country.  As always, with a keen eye on keeping everyone safe, we have extra policing support in the area during the holiday period.  You will see an increased visibility in your community and on our high risk roads.

With the increased numbers comes increased risk to personal property.  Christmas takes on a new meaning for some unscrupulous people who will take any opportunity they can get.  Please remember to secure your houses and vehicles at all times and keep an eye on your belongings at the beach.

On a more traditional Crimeline note, we can report that an intoxicated driver was apprehended after crashing his own car, only to then steal another car and continue his driving debacle.  He then drove in to one dwelling, through several fences and a mailbox, before upturning the vehicle on the highway.  What was evident was the exceptional work done by the community in reporting his actions, as they unfolded.  Police were inundated with reports of their behaviour which assisted greatly in their quick apprehension.  Well done!

Now I’ve heard that some might consider Wanaka Police to be the Grinch of the Christmas period.  On the contrary, we are looking forward to festivities both in the community and personally at home.  We are very approachable and look forward to seeing some of you soon.

Stay safe out there.  Keep alcohol consumption in moderation and away from vehicles and boats.  We want to see you all in 2020.