Crime Line

Crime Line

15 January 2020

There must be something in the water this week because my goodness, we have been chasing our tails at the station. Here is what has gone on.

Monday was the quietest day we had. A vehicle crashed into the barrier at the summit of the Crown Range and was responsible for an alarming number of incidents. We managed to get the rental contract terminated, hopefully they continue their journey on a bus. Please continue to call us when you witness poor driving. We really appreciate it and you might just save someone’s life.

Tuesday had us deal with two family harm incidents. We are trying to get all involved with the support they need. We encourage people to reach out for help when they are having issues at home. A driver licence that was lost by somebody, was used to sell fake concert tickets on Facebook. PLEASE do not buy off market place unless you have the ability to pick up the item and pay in person or know the person you are buying from. It is too easy for miscreants to dupe people of their hard earned cash. A huge number of these incidents have been brought to our attention and all are avoidable.

Wednesday there were 2 jobs that involved Search and Rescue. A huge thanks to the work that these men and women do to help people out. Always carry a locator beacon if you are out bush bashing in the hills.

Thursday had Police respond to a drunk driver who crashed and breached their bail conditions and was arrested. Not much to explain to the Judge there. Thankfully the victim was driving a ute which had minimal damage to it. Car 0 : Ute 1.

Also on Thursday night/Friday morning somebody or bodies took it upon themselves to create mayhem for us and the victims of their offending. A total of 17 burglaries have been reported to us since then. Majority of these are unlocked cars which have been rummaged through and items of value have been stolen. With the cars being parked on properties, it is technically a burglary as the grounds of people’s properties have been entered, so quite serious offending. I’m sure you’ve seen either articles in Stuff, the ODT or the Wanaka App that have outlined prevention advice to reduce the risk of these happening, but please, please, please do the simplest thing and lock your cars and the house. Thieves are looking for the easiest way and a locked door almost always moves them on.

Friday involved a lot of follow up and investigation for the reported burglaries. This will be ongoing for a while. The evening saw two drunk drivers dealt with and another gentleman breaching his bail.
Saturday had Search and Rescue involved again. The locator beacons literally saved the couple’s lives. A great thanks to the land SAR team that went in in such conditions to help save them and the helicopter pilot for some superb flying. This needn’t have happened though if they had seen the major weather warnings. There was a road side fire near R & A. Huge thanks to the public that put this out. Crazy winds that day. A suspicious male was seen also but not found. The evening was capped off with another family harm incident and a breach of bail.

Sunday night saw us deal with a family harm incident.

Stay safe all. I hope you have a great week.