Make a Positive Difference in the Life of a Young Person

22 January 2020

The Family Works Buddy Programme currently has 15 local children matched with couples or individuals who share time, experiences and have fun together on a weekly basis. Buddies are matched according to shared interests, location, personality and needs.

Wanaka Buddy Coordinator Sharon Bell is eager to hear from other adults who enjoy time spent with children and who would like to donate a couple of hours each week to a child aged between 5-11 years old who needs additional support or friendship.

“The benefits to the child include increasing their self-esteem, developing social skills and helping them make positive choices. Most importantly they have lots of fun,” says Sharon.

Prospective buddy volunteers attend an initial training course covering communication skills, guidelines and how to build a positive relationship with a child. The Buddy Coordinator gives continuing support to adult volunteers as they become friends and good role models for their young buddies.

Please get in contact with Sharon: 0212 232 265 or  email: