Crime Line

Crime Line

29 January 2020

Hello everyone. Hope you’ve all been enjoying the warm weather.

On Monday there was a report of a vehicle’s rear windscreen that had been smashed in Albert Town. If it rings any bells and you know something, then call into the station and see us.

On Tuesday an individual was arrested for using an item that they weren’t authorised to. Keep in mind if you do have a special benefit for work purposes, only use that benefit for the intended purpose.

Wednesday was a bit busier for us. A report was taken where a caravan was broken into. A shoplifter was dealt with. Please don’t pull a sneaky one and try to get things through the self-checkout without paying properly for them. Another car’s rear windscreen was smashed this time in Wanaka. A report was also taken where a person’s bank account was accessed and a lot of KFC transactions were made. There was an incident of a vehicular nature as well. Not so much a crash but rather a handbrake malfunction that then impacted the cars behind it.

On Thursday a fire alarm went off at a local eatery. An opportunistic family decided to not come back and scarpered without paying the bill. A heinous act and one that does not set a good example for the kidlets. A family harm incident was attended.

On Friday another family harm incident was dealt with. A person in mental distress also required our help. A crash also, but minor in nature, where the driver got into gravel in Northlake and then crashed through a fence. In the evening a drink driver was nabbed and general chaos erupted on Brownston Street when a bar closed resulting in people behaving poorly. Sad to see but not surprising for us.

On Saturday there were two driving complaints dealt with. Stay safe out there and drive defensively. A report of a burglary was taken where an irrigation timer was stolen. The evening crew also got three drink drivers off the street.

Sunday was a relatively carefree day with most of the station catching up on paperwork.
Cars are ovens so don’t leave kids or pets in them. Also keep remembering to lock those houses and cars.

Have a great week and stay safe especially with the heat.