Crime Line

Crime Line

5 February 2020

Welcome to February and let’s hope the town is more settled than the weather has been.
We had a busy week and this is a snapshot of some of the incidents we dealt with.
We served a drivers license suspension on a driver who had exceeded 100 demerits on his license in 2 years. That can really affect your work so keep an eye on those tickets which can build up pretty quickly for some.

We also dealt with a male who was found to be driving while suspended. One drink driver has been caught. Two bicycles stolen from outside a local café (one was locked with a chain and still taken).
We also dealt with a historic burglary of tools from a shipping container.

On Saturday night we dealt with a silly male who was climbing a tree trying to get into a bar. Then when spoken to, like a fool tried to run from Police. He was located hiding in a hedge and his actions only made it worse.

We apprehended a male who had committed three separate shoplifting offences in Blenheim. I don’t know what he must have been thinking to think it was acceptable to take what wasn’t his. Maybe self-entitled.

We dealt with a lot of driving complaints about drivers from all over the globe this week including New Zealand of course. It is awesome that we have the public out there notifying us of the dangerous drivers and we do catch almost every one if you are wondering. Thanks and keep up the good work.
We also picked up a male who was wanted on Warrant to Arrest. He has been held in custody to appear in court. It will always catch up with you when you least expect it and when it is most inconvenient.
We dealt with a few crashes this week as seems to be all too common.

As you are likely to be aware there was a double fatal motor vehicle crash near Makarora this week. Our thoughts go out to the families of people affected by this tragedy and the other sad losses on our roads recently. I again champion the Ambulance staff and wonderful volunteers who tirelessly come out of their homes and help when a call comes up. We are very lucky to have people in our community who give their time to help a stranger. Kiwis care. I have heard this a lot recently and it really is true. Let’s not lose that because it is who we are.

It is a reminder to all drivers to drive to the conditions and drive defensively. I can say all of the motor vehicle crashes I have attended were avoidable. People don’t deliberately crash but it can be a lapse of concentration or driving outside of your ability that can end in lives being changed.

Don’t take risks. Don’t drive distracted. Don’t drive impaired. If you need a rest, take it. If you need to swap drivers to someone who is a better driver, chose that option to keep yourselves and us all safe.