Crime Line

Crime Line

12 February 2020

Wanaka Police have been busy in the community this week, dealing with incidents ranging from the comical to the sadly tragic.

On Wednesday there was a head-on crash on the Crown Range Road, north of the summit.  There were moderate injuries as a result of this crash. Police continue to remind drivers to keep left and not to cut corners on this particular stretch of road.  100% of head-on crashes are caused by someone in the wrong lane!

There were a couple of residential burglaries reported on Thursday.  A very expensive E-bike was taken during one of them.  Please be aware that properties are targeted by our criminal element before they are even completed.  If you are storing property in your yet to be completed build, make sure it is secure.
Friday saw shoplifting reported again in town. This time with razor blades stashed down the suspect’s underwear.  That’s a risky game to play, and not just because they got caught.  Hope they are still all intact.

Police prevented several drink drivers from taking an unnecessary gamble with the safety of our community, when we intercepted them leaving a wedding party. There was a bus provided! They were directed to the said bus and potential trauma was avoided.

There were a couple of drink driver’s which we couldn’t prevent, one of which put their car off a bank on Lakeside Drive. They were processed by Wanaka Police and have the appropriate consequences heading their way.

The wild weather in the headwaters has effected the Wanaka area.  As we saw the lake quickly rise, it was an indication of the state of the rivers upstream.  During the busy summer season, it resulted in a large burden on our search and rescue teams. We saw examples of excellent planning and communication by some parties, who left all the information necessary for their rescue, with their friends.  But we also saw the examples where the “she’ll be right” attitude has left people exposed to the elements and risked our dedicated rescuers.

There was a tragedy in Makarora over the weekend during one hiking expedition.  The bodies of two hikers were recovered from the Makarora River by Police. It appears to have been an accident on their trip, likely directly related to the weather and river conditions at the time. Police have been notifying and supporting family and share our condolences.

Stay safe out there in the wilderness, and around town.