Early K9 Medical Detection of Diseases Saves Lives.

19 February 2020

“Everyone has either lost a loved one or knows someone who has been touched by the devasting effects of cancer” said Pauline Blomfield, Founder and Director of K9 Medical Detection New Zealand. “Every single day in New Zealand more than sixty people are diagnosed with cancer.  One person dies every hour. We know that early detection can make a difference.”

In 2018 Pauline formed the K9 Medical Detection NZ Charitable Trust to use dogs for the early non-invasive detection of cancer and other diseases.  Upper Clutha Lions are hosting a presentation from Pauline on 24th February at 7.30pm at the St John Rooms, Link Way  in Wanaka.

“A dog’s sense of smell is truly amazing,” said Pauline. “They can detect stable concentrations of one-two parts per trillion, which for humans is the equivalent of smelling one teaspoon of sugar in two Olympic sized swimming pools of water.”

In January this year K9 Medical Detection NZ opened their headquarters and training centre in Dunedin. Complete with laboratory for storing and handling of all medical samples, the facility has commenced a trial with German shepherd, Levi, to detect bowel cancer in urine. A second training centre in the North Island is focussing on the detection of prostate cancer in urine.

Nothing is left to chance. All training is recorded in a specially designed computer programme which is analysed by trainers and a statistician. All odour validation testing is video recorded and sent for peer review to an international canine scent detection expert in the United States.

Wanaka also plays an important part in this programme. All K9 Medical Detection NZ’s carefully selected puppies are raised by fosterers in the town.

Join Pauline on Monday to learn more about this exciting new initiative. All enquiries please contact Lorraine 0274 737 813.