Crime Line

Crime Line

26 February 2020

Let’s start the show with a huge congratulations to Cameron Stanley for his epic swim from Makarora into town. Well done Cameron!

The week has been quiet with just little incidents reported, which is great news.
We have had 2 separate reports of graffiti. The first at Domini Park and the second at The Lake Wanaka Centre.

There was a petrol drive off this week where a person has failed to pay for $107.00 worth of petrol. It appears they have mistakenly driven off. This matter has been followed up with the rental company.
A disqualified driver was apprehended for driving and had their vehicle impounded. This manoeuvre earns a “Time Extension” - it will be a cold winter on the bike!

Several drink drivers were caught again this week as we start to ramp up Operation Lift. You will notice a lot of activity around this campaign in the coming weeks.

On that note, Police were out conducting an alcohol check point in Hawea over the weekend. A large number of the drivers spoken to indicated alcohol. One driver was issued with a notice for exceeding the breath alcohol limited.

A group of cyclists came very close to being hit by a motorist in the Faulks Road area. The cyclists, who were being supervised at the time, had stopped in the middle of the road just over the brow of a hill. Police will be following this up during the week.

Please keep an eye out for cyclists and make sure you give them a wide berth. Likewise, cyclist, please make sure you’re highly visible when you’re on the road.  We want to make sure that everyone gets safely to where they need to be.

A few of our local young people came to our attention in the township over the weekend after being found drinking alcohol and being unsupervised.  This combination with the added factor of hanging around in the wee small hours is a recipe for disaster and no good will come from it.  If you have teens under 18, please make sure you know where they are and don’t supply alcohol unless you are responsibly supervising… which means actually be present with them.

We had a report of a vehicle in the Northlake area having a rear window smashed over night during the week. Just a friendly reminder to remove valuables from your vehicles overnight as some opportunists do like to help themselves to your property when left unattended on the road side.

Lastly please remember that the speed limit for passing a stationary school bus that is dropping off or picking up children is 20kph in either direction. For the safety of our kids please ensure you slow down.