Crime Line

4 March 2020

The week has been reasonably steady with local Police dealing with a range of incidents. March brings an extra focus on ‘drink driving’, although this has always been on our radar. Two drink drivers apprehended this week two too many, yet most drivers are being responsible.

Motorists speeding past the school buses will be another area that Police will keep an eye on as there have been a few complaints coming through - remember that its 20km/hr when the school bus has stopped to uplift or drop off passengers.

Monday saw a local man taken to Court for forgetting which day he was due to appear - perhaps a note on your phone diary?

A complaint was received on Tuesday relating to theft of items from a dwelling in Sunrise Bay, and after some enquiries, most of the property was recovered and returned to the owner.

On Wednesday Police received a complaint from a Cardrona farm manager about a hunter on his property. Perhaps better communication from the hunter may have helped matters. Remember to always get permission if hunting on other peoples’ land, be clear on what you can or cannot shoot and be aware of the land owner’s boundaries.

Also on Wednesday, a local woman was arrested for missing her Court date and taken to Queenstown, again she did not keep a note on her cell phone diary.

On Friday night Police attended a noisy party on Stone St and assisted Noise Control to seize a stereo speaker. Remember that your first port of call for Noise Complaints is the QLDC. Police also attended a nose to tail vehicle crash on SH 84 at the roadworks when the following driver was distracted. Please heed the reduced speed limits there until the new roundabout is complete. Remember to abide by the ‘two-second rule’ when following vehicles.

On Saturday Police attended a single vehicle crash on McKay Road out towards Tarras, and a complaint was made by Lake Häwea Motors relating to a petrol drive-off by the occupants of a Toyota Hiace van regn. MKP891- if you see that vehicle please contact Police.

Our local Search and Rescue members undertook three rescues this week. One was a medical incident and the other two involved people who were stranded in the National Park by the bad weather.

Have a safe week.