Crime Line


18 March 2020

Saturday evening Wanaka Police attended a serious incident in the Cromwell area where a male presented a firearm at Police then stole their patrol vehicle. The event lasted well into the night and utilised staff, helicopters and Armed Offenders Squads from all over the southern district. The offender, who is from out of town, was located in Milton the following morning.

Operation Lift continues to apprehend drivers who think they can sneak on home the back way. Four more were processed for excess breath alcohol this week, so think again if you’re going to risk driving.

A local male was knocked off his bike on the corner of Ballantyne and Golf Course Rd. Unfortunately the cyclist was unable to get the vehicle registration and the driver drove off without stopping.

We get an alarming number of people coming into the station to report internet scams. Some of the scams are very well presented so be very careful when you are paying money to anyone, if it’s an invoice check the bank account belongs to that company. If you are purchasing something online and it seems too good to be true, then it probably is – before you hand over money ask to facetime and see the item first.

We are still seeing a number of young children out and about between 1–4am, sneaking out seems to be the new trend at the moment. We highly recommend parents doing a few spot checks on your children during these hours. Or if they are having sleepovers, make sure they are!!

A huge disappointment as we hear news that Warbirds is cancelled due to the ongoing risk associated with the pandemic. Unfortunately there is no room for complacency and we all need to play a role in beating this, see the Ministry of Health website for the latest advice on your personal wellbeing.

Have a safe week.