Crime Line

Crime Line

25 March 2020

Well this week we have been dealing with a lot of changes relating to COVID-19. We are ourselves making changes in practices to with the situation but our work must go on as usual for the most part. I truly feel for those business who are heavily affected by this situation, and those business who will financially struggle as a result of this difficult time. I know I will be supporting local businesses whenever I possibly can and I am sure you will also because Community is what Wanaka does very well when required.

With today’s news of being into alert level 3 and moving into alert level 4 shortly it has really changed a lot of our day to day behaviours. We are to all self Isolate and if you are not doing so when required you may be visited by us and advised of your requirements. If you are unsure of the details make sure you check out the details available on This behaviour is crucial.

We have been called and advised of a number of large parties in public places including on the side of the Clutha river with hundreds of party goers and one on Sunday night also at Kidds Bush. Who actually thinks it is appropriate in the current climate to risk the health of others like that?

We arrested a person this week in relation to fraud at a previous employer. We had more online fraud reported this week. Try and make enquiries to ensure you are going to receive what you have paid for. We dealt with a case of unlawfully on property on Obelisk Street where someone has entered a part finished home. We had the back of a local store in town wilfully damaged overnight.

There was a motor vehicle crash on the highway and we are still receiving driving complaints about some awful driving on the roads.

We attended 5 family harm incidents this week with a number of them resulting in arrests. This is a tough time for you all and I know that.

After witnessing dangerous and irresponsible boat use out on the water I would like to remind all boat users of the following rules: If passing within 100 metres of another boat you are not to exceed a speed of 5 knots which seems regularly abused by the Marina. Wanaka Yacht Club hosts learn to sail classes daily along here for children from the ages of 9 upwards this behaviour risks young sailors as young as 9 from being thrown in the water from the wake of a boat speeding past too close.

I would ask people to be mindful of the stresses others are under and that tempers are on edge. Can I ask people to take a breath before they make a decision that will affect them and for people to practice patience.