Wanaka Community Hub

25 March 2020

I read a wonderful article in the ODT a few weeks ago about the importance of our ‘ Third Place’. The article talked of “your First Place, the one that probably engages your heart most and rightly so, is your home. Your Second Place, where you spend most of your waking hours, is your work place. And your Third Place? Sociologists who analyse our social surroundings identify Third Places as churches, cafes, libraries, parks, sports clubs, places where people gather for social interaction. They’re primary gathering places – vital for communion, community building and developing a sense of place and belonging.”
It seems clear that from all the feedback we have received, the Wanaka Community Hub resoundingly fits into our ‘Third Place’.

Since opening four months ago, we’ve had thousands of residents and visitors walk through our doors to attend something within the Hub. Over 24 different social service agencies have committed to working within the Hub on a regular basis, and we have an enormous number of organisations using our facilities on an ad hoc basis. Last count was over 30 different groups, clubs and commercial entities using an office, meeting room, the commercial kitchen or hall for their events. Feedback has been tremendous and we hope these organisations will continue to use the Hub as their base for the work they do.

The Hub has a number of initiatives planned for the coming months. We will soon be starting a regular coffee morning for those new or newish to Wanaka. We are developing a dedicated volunteer community garden group to manage our vegetable plots behind the building. We are also looking at further ways to help encourage growth of our local arts community. We welcome ideas you may have about other initiatives for us.

These initiatives will help to further develop our philosophy of offering a welcoming, supportive environment where people feel very much they are entering their happy ‘Third Place!’

We want to thank you all for being so supportive your use of the Hub has surpassed all expectations. For more information email Gina or call 03 443 2071.