Crime Line

Crime Line

15 April 2020

Can I start with a big thank you to all those who are contributing to the low rates of COVID spread in our area. Well done. Please don’t get complacent now that the rates of COVID-19 seem to be improving. South Korea did that and relaxed their restrictions early and as a result are having a second spike. We have been speaking to people all week about their responsibilities to help knock the virus out of our community.

We have dealt with 4 specific breaches of COVID-19 rules this week, also those who have been given a
friendly reminder to think about what they are doing and change behaviours. We have done so well here in the Wanaka area but we still come across people who are visiting others or doing other than the approved activities. Remember that exercise is to be kept local.

Family harm is still well up and alcohol is the predominant factor in almost every one of them. We have had some dogs attacking sheep in Hawea. Lock up your dogs up at night and don’t underestimate
where your pet may go at night. Youth are also another risk when we know that some youth are meeting up at night and breaking the lockdown. Know where your young ones are. It is your responsibility as a parent to look after your young ones.

Please respect your neighbours as we have had too many calls to noisy groups or addresses playing
loud music. We are all stuck in our homes and so are your neighbours.

I completely understand that for most people tensions are high so please bear that in mind and don’t behave in a manner that would inflame others.

Please look out for others and remember: