Crime Line

Crime Line

22 April 2020

At this time of print - the Lock down continues at present but stay the course as the alternative in other countries does not appear a good alternative. It has been lovely to see so many cyclists utilising the empty roadways for their exercise and the majority wearing helmets.Please ensure you do so to save any additional burden on our medical staff.

The last week has brought the usual incidents for police to deal with. Monday saw a report to police of a dispute between flatmates and an incident of unlawfully on premise at a Wanaka business.
A Police Covid19 check Point at Makarora led a local driver being apprehended for excess breath alcohol

as well as breaching the Covid19 travel restrictions.
Tuesday saw a young male and female being apprehended for travelling out from Wanaka to the Motutapu River.  Another person was apprehended at a Covid19 check point at Makarora for breaching the travel restrictions and excess breath alcohol and a driver was apprehended in Wanaka for riding his motorcycle in breach of the Covid19 Lock down restrictions and whilst suspended from driving, the motorcycle is impounded for 28 days.

On Wednesday Police attended a family harm incident.

Thursday Police attended two family harm incidents with one party charged for assault and apprehended a drink driver at over five times the legal limit.

On Friday Police dealt with a family harm incident and a male was summonsed for an historical theft of bread whilst under the influence of alcohol, clearly he missed – “the man does not live by bread alone” scripture lesson.

Saturday saw police deal with a motor vehicle collision.

Sunday was a day of rest for the offenders.

A large number of people have been warned breaching the lock down conditions, when we see the figures in NZ compared with other countries we know our Government have done the right thing.  Many are struggling with some of the conditions and the economic affects. 

Be kind to one another and practise patience and tolerance, let’s get through this and forge a stronger community.

Stay Safe.