Crime Line

Crime Line

6 May 2020

As the whole country works through the period of Level 3 in the Covid-19 Lockdown, most locals are doing a wonderful job abiding by the provisions set down by the Health Act, Level 3, 2020. It’s a shame to see a few out there who think the provisions don’t apply to them now that Level 4 is behind us.
Now that the country has come so far and the numbers are so low, it would be devastating to see the numbers go up again just because a few are thinking about themselves rather than those around them. Those who think Level 3 or Level 2 parties are OK are sadly mistaken and irresponsible.

Level 3 restrictions remain and are outlined under the Health Act (Covid-19 Alert Level 3) Order 2020. If you get Mr Google to search on your computer, the provisions state clearly what is allowed.
The new Level 3 restrictions are mostly about remaining at home except for essential movement, maintaining physical distancing, controlled gatherings within your bubble or your extended bubble, extending your recreational criteria safely, and getting essential businesses or services up and running in a safe manner.

The last week have seen local Police conduct checkpoints to gauge how many are breaching the provisions of the lockdown and it was good to see that most people are abiding and being responsible. Further checkpoints will pop up around the district at times over the next 3-4 weeks.
Police have also attended a number of incidents where groups have merged their bubbles with other people's bubbles. This has resulted in Final Warnings being issued, further breaches by these people result in court proceedings.

On the 30th of April an attempt was made to break into a vehicle in Hawea where tools may have been the target, so we ask trades people to make sure their valuable tools are locked away securely.
A 14yr old male was spoken to when riding his motorbike along Domain Rd-Kane Rd, in breach of Covid-19 rules and being unlicensed at the same time.

Police attended at two car crash at the intersection of Beacon Point Rd and Aubrey Rd, where one driver failed to give way. Almost no traffic on the first day of Level 3 so no excuse.
A reminder that walkers have the same rights to space on tracks as runners and cyclists, so everyone please keep your physical space to at least 2m - to slow down or stop is actually being responsible.

Kia haumaru
Stay safe everyone, we are all in this together.
Let's stay the distance.