Community support during challenging times.

6 May 2020

As the resilience of our region is tested by Covid-19, with many locals facing an uncertain future, our community continues to come together to offer support where it can. Thanks to a coordinated effort, there is help available for anyone in need during this tough time.

A QLDC-led welfare response team has been in place since March 14, working seven days a week, to respond to requests for assistance coming from residents across the district.

In Wanaka, Community Networks and LINK Upper Clutha are coordinating the welfare response. While the McDougall St hub is temporarily closed, Community Networks has continued to operate the Foodbank, Meals on Wheels and provide social wellbeing information over the phone.

It’s a team response with multiple agencies and local businesses contributing what’s needed. Wastebusters is one contributor, providing the response team with warm clothing and blankets to give to families and individuals needing assistance as winter approaches.

There are a number of ways to access support if you, or someone you know, is in a vulnerable position. The QLDC has a support registration form on their website or you can phone: 0800 322 4000.
You can also chat to someone about anything you’re struggling with:

• Need to Talk? 1737 free call or text anytime for support from a trained counsellor
• For Covid-19 related health concerns, ring Healthline 0800 358 5453 or call your GP.
• Community Networks (03 443 7799) or email

If you’d like to financially support the work of Community Networks during this crisis and beyond, please visit their Give a Little page via their website. If we keep looking after each other, we will come through this even more connected as a community.