Volunteering Central

13 May 2020

We hope, wherever you are reading this week’s issue of The Messenger, that you are well. The weeks in lockdown have been challenging, so whatever your circumstances, we hope you have found a balance between family, work and your own health and wellbeing – which may haveincluded volunteering.

Volunteering Central have been working with the council welfare response team since mid-March and have been focusing on safe and coordinated volunteering during the different levels. We’ve had a staggering 557 (and counting) volunteers sign up to share their time and energy. Our community’s spirit is shining brightly!

We have more volunteers than currently needed and whilst people are bursting to get out there and help, it’s
a fantastic position to be in. Our team have received nearly 150 requests for support including delivering essentials to vulnerable people, offering a listening ear for older people, delivering Meals on Wheels, administering vouchers for those in financial need and supporting the QLDC needs assessment team.

This equates to approximately 250 volunteer activities being carried out every week by Volunteering Central connected volunteers and this support is likely to continue (and increase) for the foreseeable future. Additionally, there are many volunteers supporting organisations such as The Cancer Society, Age Concern,
Community Networks, and many people checking in on their neighbours from a distance.

Volunteering Central are now looking forward, with a welfare focus, as well as our core work of supporting
organisations that involve volunteers, and ensuring they can operate safely. We’re here to support and advise around all things volunteering and feel privileged to be part of such a fantastic community response to the pandemic. Working with the council, local non-profit organisations and our communities’ amazingly dedicated, passionate and selfless volunteers. Thank you to everyonewho has offered to volunteer – you are fantastic.