Crime Line


13 May 2020

Another week under lockdown rules has passed us by and in general, people and businesses have played by the rules. I think everyone will agree it’s been great to have the rules relaxed somewhat to allow a bit more freedom of movement and isn’t it surprising how much you miss work and school when you are not allowed to go?

Many of you would have seen the continued Police presence around town and at various check points. This has been to make sure people are complying with the restrictions and not stretching the rules.

This week a group of young men were found smoking cannabis and breaching level 3 restrictions. As a result one has lost their driver’s licence for three months and all were warned for breaching the Ministry of Health Act regulations and for the drug use. Next time there will be more serious consequences.

A small aluminium dinghy was reported stolen from Bremner Bay, where it had been left under a large willow tree. We are lucky Wanaka remains a safe town but we would like to remind people to secure their property to prevent the opportunistic thieves. If anyone finds this dinghy in another location please inform the Wanaka Police.

Three drivers were caught drink driving this weekend and two of these were also disqualified drivers. They have been relieved of their vehicles and will be meeting with the judge to discuss how much longer they will be without their driver's licences for.

A man was arrested after a family harm event where alcohol was the major contributor. Lockdown and financial pressures will continue to be with us for some time yet. Alcohol is never a good crutch to lean on and we would rather you speak to family and friends or seek out help at any number of agencies available. Please drop by the Wanaka Police for a cup of tea and a chat and we will put you in touch with the right people.

As we move towards level two, I hope everyone will continue to respect social distancing rules, contact tracing requirements, support our local businesses and be patient as everyone gets used to working under these restrictions.

Have a great week.