Crime Line


20 May 2020

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all had some sense of a return to normality with Level 2. It is nice to be out and about again with a bit more freedom. Still a busy-ish time for us. Here is a slice of the adrenaline pumping action.

On Monday a disqualified driver was found to be driving. He also took the meaning of drinking and driving to its literal level when he consumed a vessel of alcohol as he was driving. I think that’s a hard one to explain to a Judge. A family harm incident was also attended.

Tuesday was a quiet one for us. Good time to catch up on paperwork. On Wednesday morning another driver was taken off the streets while on his way to work. This was because he decided to keep partying the night before and not sleep or stop drinking like majority of people would do. He’s now off to court to explain his dangerous driving and alcohol fuelled escapades. He put a fair few people at risk and it is a wonder nothing more serious occurred.

Thursday was also quiet. More paperwork. Friday evening saw a bit of a return to the CBD’s nightlife. It was good to see people having a nice time out. Remembering restaurants are only open for dining, observing the 3 “S's” Separation, Seated, and Single table service, max 10 people per table in your bubble, max time limit of 2 hours dining. Wanaka Bar's will be open to patrons this coming Thursday 21st May, with the same restrictions.

Saturday night was much the same. A male was also dealt with for breaching his bail. Some youth's were also found out and about in the small hours and reminded curtly about the conditions of a restricted license.

On Sunday there was a minor motorcycle accident on the Crown Range. To those motorists who came through the scene, thank you for your patience. To those of you who didn’t slow down as they went through, please do so the next time you pass an accident scene.

To cap the week off, there was a last minute drink driver that earned our attention for the way he blew through a give way sign on his smoke run. Smoking was definitely expensive for him that night.
There is a bit of a focus on speed at the moment so don’t be surprised to see us parked up at hotspots where the lead foot sometimes takes over. I see a lot of speeds in the 50km/h zones that are north of 65km/h which is way too quick for such built up areas. In the end, lower speeds mean less carnage when things go wrong.

You would have likely seen some of us out and about in town this week visiting retailers and various other restaurants and cafes. We want to make sure that everyone is set up safely while we are in level 2 so that we can get on top of Covid 19. If you have any questions about what level 2 looks like, visit

Take care everyone and have a good week. Stay safe and look after one another.