Vibrant volunteers create vibrant communities.

20 May 2020

Do you share a passion to make our community safe and vibrant? Do you value a healthier community for all? Would you like to join a community collaboration to support this vision?

We live in a great place and now more than ever, we need to support each other.

The Wanaka Alcohol Group is a community-led not for profit group formed in 2013, to ensure an ongoing conversation about alcohol attitudes and behaviour. Representatives include many community groups, social support agencies, and interested volunteers.

We listen and provide a community voice to lobby and advocate. Over the past six years we have responded to concerns identified by longitudinal studies exploring the behaviours and attitudes of youth and adults around alcohol and other drugs. Annually we bring experts to the community to support and strengthen parenting strategies. Up to date resources are posted on the college ‘Parenting 101’ website page, and we work side-by-side with our wonderful youth leaders who participate in our initiatives.

Kate Goodsell, representative for Students Against Dangerous Driving (SADD), says “the Wanaka Alcohol Group work collaboratively with us and is very focused on helping youth make informed decisions around alcohol.”

To navigate the new normal, the Wanaka Alcohol Group are ramping up their campaign and we need your support. Support to extend the reach of community messages, host interactive parent education, conduct youth research, improve governance, or simply discuss community trends.

If you have the skills, time, experience, or resource to support our efforts, please email

Vibrant communities value vibrant volunteers.