Crime Line

Crime Line

27 May 2020

As the country moves through Level 2 of the Covid-19 controls, here is a reminder of what is expected- maintain physical distancing, small gatherings are limited to 10 people maximum, use your phone to scan into shops, bars etc. or complete the sign in forms, stay home if you are unwell or see your doctor, respect those around you who are also trying hard to get through this hardship, and wash hands frequently.
Police have observed 99% uptake in the Covid-19 protocols, keep at it for NZ’s sake. Bars and restaurants are doing a brilliant job at keeping people safe.

Meanwhile, Policing the town continues and here is a summary of what has been happening over the last week. On the 19th May Police intervened in a civil dispute where an assault took place, resulting in an arrest. Many visits to recently opened bars resulted in a big tick to them all for getting the three S’s (seated, separated, served) correct right from the start. On the 23rd May various trespass orders and protection orders were served to a few locals, to keep the playing field level.
Two motor vehicle stops resulted in the drivers being processed for drink driving, one paying a fine, the other off to Court.

On the 24th, the Night 'n Day dairy in Ardmore Street had a visitor of no fixed abode and so Police are wanting to find a home for one chicken. A second chicken found at Rove has found a home already, while the one that turned up at Minaret Ridge is unaccounted for. Sounds like a new KFC franchise is looking for a gap in the local free-range market.

Meanwhile, duck shooting has so far gone without incident locally, for the humans anyway.
As we edge closer to normality, soon we will be able to watch the NRL, ANZ Netball, and perhaps some rugby. It will be interesting to see who wins between the Indian IPL and the T20 World Cup cricket in Australia later this year!

Keep up the good work, and remember it’s not about you, it’s about the team of 5,002,100.

Have a safe week.