Crime Line


10 June 2020

The first blanket of snow has settled on our hills allowing the snow-sports industry to begin earnest preparation for the coming season.

Our town remains relatively quiet with many businesses pleased we have moved into level 1.
We are looking forward to a very unusual time with the lack of any foreign tourists and I am sure we will adapt and evolve as we move into what hopefully will be a post Covid future for New Zealand.

The release from lock down has meant a return of the drink drivers. On Tuesday last week a person was apprehended driving with excess breath alcohol and was issued with a fine and 50 demerit points.

On Thursday an attempted fraud was made on a local person’s bank account. Beware of allowing anyone to view your internet or banking details. Thankfully an interception from the bank stopped the attempted fraud. Police are also investigating theft from a local store. The offender may wish to hand herself into Senior Constable McLean before her image is circulated. It may save embarrassment.

On Friday evening Police apprehended another person who was driving with excess breath alcohol, this time the level will require a court appearance with probable loss of licence.

The early hours of Sunday morning saw another person apprehended for driving with excess breath alcohol.

Just a reminder to stick to the speed restrictions through the many roadworks around town, let us keep the road workers safe as they improve the road network for our community.
There are new speed zones around the area, so drive to the speed on the signs, they have been there a while now, so get the foot off the accelerator.

We are probably entering one of the greatest periods of change for our economy that will have an impact on our town and test the resilience of our community.

As has been widely said, be kind to one another, show understanding, and as we move into level 1 keep the behaviour as good as it has been in the other 3 levels.

Stay Safe.