Crime Line


17 June 2020

Welcome back sport, we have missed you! I’m sure a lot of you enjoyed watching the Highlanders sneak over the line for a well-deserved win on the weekend. Great to see so many spectators out and about as well. Unfortunately it’s not just sport that is back, but crime as well, as Wanaka Police experienced a rather busy week.

On Tuesday Lakeside drive was closed for a considerable length of time after a Hi-ab truck toppled over. The operator got things a bit wrong but luckily no one was injured.

A female was trespassed from Mitre10 after it was suspected she helped herself to some products and left without paying. Another young male was also trespassed from New World after reacting badly when confronted about a questionable transaction.

On Friday the toilet block near the Dinosaur Park was vandalised. An electrical junction box was smashed which controls the under floor heating. Toilet paper was also set alight. CCTV footage is currently being examined. It might be a good idea for the culprits to hand themselves to the Wanaka Police before they find their picture on a ‘Wanted’ poster.

Later the same day a large furniture trailer being towed south on State highway 6 just out of Wanaka became detached. The trailer then crossed the centre line into the opposite lane before coming to a stop on its side, up a small bank. This could have resulted in serious injury or death if the trailer had struck an oncoming vehicle. May this be a reminder to drivers to double and triple check any trailer to make certain the attachment is secure and all safety devices are working correctly. This driver is likely to face a careless driving charge.

Not long after this, a young man flew off the handle after a minor fender bender on Helwick Street. He feared his pride and joy had been forever damaged, however the other driver was fully insured and repairs will be successful. Police are working with the young man to address his anger issues.

Three people were caught over the legal alcohol limit for driving and now face a lengthy loss of licence and a fine. Another driver was found with a bong and a small amount of cannabis. He received a formal warning, however we may not be so gracious next time.

Several people were separated from their hard earned dollars after responding to an email request from a friend to buy iTunes cards for them. The friends email account had been hacked. If anyone, even a friend requests money in some form it is always a good idea to double check before going ahead.

On Saturday morning two victims woke to find their vehicles had been broken into and various items stolen. One vehicle was located on Kingfisher Avenue, Albert Town and the other was parked on SH6 near Hawea. A reminder to people to please remove valuables from any vehicles parked in a less than secure place. This may prevent opportunists taking your stuff. The vehicles will be processed for fingerprints and hopefully the offender caught.

From Wanaka Police, have a great week. Fun on the slopes is not too far away!