Crime Line


1 July 2020

I would like to start this crime line by thanking the community for the floral tributes received at the station for the commemoration of the loss of Constable Matthew HUNT. It is a reflection of the interconnectedness of our community across New Zealand that such a tragic loss is felt by all.

Unfortunately crime and offending did not stop to reflect and grieve and our normal work carries on.
Tuesday saw Police refer a person for mental health assessment after a threat of suicide, please remember to seek help from emergency psychiatric services or police, always reach out for help.
Police also charged a male with two charges of assault with intent to injure, from an incident at the Night 'n Day store at the previous weekend.

Wednesday saw police arrest a male for three counts of breaching court bail and driving whilst suspended, and excess breath alcohol. His bail was opposed and he is in custody. Perhaps a timely reminder to others to respect their court bail conditions.

Thursday saw Police deal with a motor vehicle accident. Luckily there were no injuries in this incident.
Friday saw Police deal with three family harm incidents, and a motorist was apprehended for excess breath alcohol.

Saturday saw Police deal with another family harm incident. A firearm incident in which a suspected ricochet hit a garage at a neighbour address. Remember the firearm safety requirements at all times.
Police also apprehended three motorists for excess breath alcohol, and removed two males from a licensed premises when they refused to leave, they are now trespassed for two years. Please respect all bar staff when they ask you to leave, they are only trying to do their job as required by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Legislation.

Sunday saw Police deal with another family harm incident and on this occasion a person was charged with threats to kill.

Since the end of the lockdown period there has been an upsurge in alcohol related offending. May I suggest the offenders consider attending alcoholics anonymous next Friday or Monday evening at 7.30pm at the Plunket Rooms, instead of going to the bars. It is also available on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm at St Ninian’s Church at Hāwea Flat.

Stay Safe.