Crime Line


8 July 2020

Gee what a week, lots to write about on a cold wet evening.

On Monday 29th June a burglary was reported in Kingston St, Albert Town, where a chainsaw was stolen. A set of skis were stolen from the racks at Cardrona Ski Resort, so please keep an eye on your valuable skis, there are dishonest people on the slopes as well.

On the 30th June Police dealt with a couple of Family Harm incidents, issued a Protection Order at Lake Hāwea, and received a complaint of a vehicle doing burnouts at Ruby Ridge.
On the 1st July Police, Fire and Ambulance attended a vehicle crash on the Ardmore St lakefront, where an older driver suffered a medical event, crashing into a couple of parked vehicles. He was whisked away to hospital in the helicopter.

On the 2nd July, Police received a complaint that a vehicle was driven into a Timsfield property, the driver ramming another vehicle and pushing it about 10 metres. The driver is known and is expected to come in to the Police Station to explain his actions.

Police attended a serious incident involving a number of youths, which resulted in a number of charges and all will be appearing before the courts.

On the 3rd July the town was very busy during the night with masses of disorder and fights keeping Police busy. Alcohol was the main issue, we wish younger people could learn responsible drinking. Shame that most of the bars in Wanaka encouraged good behaviour, one didn’t!

Police also received a complaint of rental tenants cleaning out a furnished property after 70 days of non-payment. Remember to choose your tenants carefully, $$$ are not the only consideration.

On Saturday night Police were called about two large cattle-beasts on Cemetery Road, Lake Hāwea. They were hard to see without their fluro vests. Thank you to those motorists that called in to report them grazing on the roadside. They readily jumped the fence back into the paddock like a couple of old steeple-chasers! A reminder to farmers that generally a hot-wire is best added to a rickety fence.

A local man was charged with shop-lifting at Three Parks New World on Sunday, he ignored the fact that the CCTV coverage there is outstanding, as is the drive to Court over the Crown Range!

Only two drink-drivers over the weekend, pretty good considering the ‘flying squad’ were in town on Saturday night, but two too many folks.

Lastly, an envelope containing a sum of money was handed into Police by staff from a local shop. If it’s yours then come in and claim it - you will need to tell us how much is in the envelope, and what is written on the outside of the envelope.

Great result for the Upper Clutha Rams, not quite good enough by the Highlanders but they were impressive all the same.

Have a safe week.