Crime Line


15 July 2020

School holidays and town is busy, the ski fields are busy, the roads are busy, the sports fields have been busy, and the weather has been a mixture of good and bad.

Our working week started late on Tuesday the 7th with a minor vehicle accident in town which resulted in a driver located at Lake Hawea having almost twice the legal alcohol limit. Damage to the toilet block at the Dinosaur Park was reported by QLDC staff on the morning of the 8th. We are searching the CCTV footage to identify the offender.

On the 9th, Police arrested a local male for causing damage to a vehicle the previous week. A local male was also processed for drink-driving in town that evening.

Police wish to remind motorists using Ballantyne Road that the 50km/hr zone extends all the way to Riverbank Road, the education phase is about to be replaced by the infringement phase. The speed limit was reduced to limit the number of motor accidents and this has so far worked.

On Friday, Police attended an incident on the road up to the Snow Farm where four vehicles came to grief in the icy conditions. Thanks to staff on the mountain that helped out- all involved got down the mountain without further drama. Tip of the Week- If you loan a vehicle to friends intending to travel up to the snow, show them how to put it into 4WD.

Friday night in town was very busy around the bars and the response this week from bar staff and patrons was very good. That night Police attended a domestic incident in Albert Town and have followed that up with some advice to ensure a happy outcome.

A loud party in Meadowstone was reported to Noise Control at the QLDC on Friday night, the noise ending at about 2am. Ring Noise Control (QLDC) in the first instance, and if no joy then call Police and we can pay a visit to the venue. It is unacceptable to keep your neighbours awake.

On Saturday evening two locals were processed for drink-driving, and a male was taken to his own home after he mistakenly walked onto his neighbours’ property due to his inebriation.

On Sunday the CBD was swamped by visitors due to the poor weather. Police attended a driving complaint at the Upper Clutha Rugby Club grounds where a 4WD vehicle was ripping up the carpark area. A vehicle was impounded and the driver is facing a loss of licence.

A reminder to motorists to keep to 50km/hr on Ballantyne Road, defrost all of your vehicle’s windows before you leave home to go skiing, and drive to the conditions at all times.

Have a safe week.