Crime Line

Crime Line

22 July 2020

Well the second week of the school holidays are over and the children are returning to school, so please be extra careful when in our school zones or passing stopped school buses.

It was nice to have the visitors in town over the holiday period and the patronage of the local businesses and ski resorts was greatly appreciated. The week of incidents provided a very mixed bag. Monday police had a report of theft from New World Three Parks and the matter is still under investigation. Two intoxicated drivers were apprehended at the lower level, both received a fine and 50 demerit points.

Tuesday saw another person apprehended for driving whilst intoxicated, again at the lower level with a fine and demerit points. Police also received a report of theft of medication, and kept the peace with a tenancy dispute.

Wednesday saw Police deal with an accident on the Crown Range, please exercise greater care in the very frosty conditions, black ice shows no mercy! Police also dealt with a noise complaint on Juno Place, please show courtesy to your neighbours, not everyone shares your taste in music.

On Thursday Police, Fire and Ambulance attended a vehicle crash on Gordon Road when a car out of control crashed into a parked car. I am pleased to say the driver survived and should be returning home from hospital tomorrow after suffering a broken leg and other injuries.

On Friday Police arrested a local person in relation to alleged offences that occurred in a family harm matter and the subject is due to appear before the court. Please remember that there are both victim and perpetrator services, we are happy to refer you to reach out and seek help to stop the cycle.

Remember it is winter, drive with care and caution and be courteous to others. Better 5 minutes late on this earth than 50 years early in the next.

Stay safe and remember drive safely around schools for the coming term.