Crime Line

Crime Line

12 August 2020

There’s been a notable increase in poor driving behaviours recently, with excess speed playing a role and people taking risks by overtaking where it isn’t safe to do so. This raises alarm bells for people who call 111 through fear of an accident waiting to happen.

So while it’s been great to have a continuation of these stunning Wanaka days, please be patient with others, and don’t be in a rush to get to your destination too hastily. Getting a speeding fine is not going to make anyone’s day and nor is being involved in a collision, please slow down and stay in control.

On the note of staying in control, that also includes correctly staying in your lane. Even with a vastly lower number of tourists on our beautiful country roads, Kiwi’s are still holding up their own when it comes to driving outside their lane, and over the centre-line… do you really want to be the vehicle coming the other way?

Away from the roads, Police are continuing to investigate two unlawful shootings, one of a deer and one of a cow with unborn calf on separate properties in Lake Hāwea around the 31st July 2020. Unlawful hunting is not only dangerous to the hunter but puts property owners and members of the public at risk when they are unaware of hunters on their properties. We urge people to contact and seek landowner’s permission before entering onto private property to hunt, and to ensure they know where property boundaries are. Anyone with information that may assist with investigations are urged to call Police on 105 or via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Some positive news, Mount Aspiring College held their Formal this weekend.

Your local Police were asked to be involved, sadly not for our dance coaching skills, but resting the minds of parents and teachers that no-one had been drinking alcohol at the Formal, prior to the post-event out of town. Thanks to everyone who set it up and played a part in making a memorable night.

Forecast looks set for another stunning week in the Lakes, fingers-crossed for some snow.

Have a great week.