Crime Line

Crime Line

19 August 2020

Well we head back into some form of Covid-19 restrictions, and try to prevent the damage this virus can cause to our community, particularly to our treasured elders.

Police will continue to have input into the compliance with the restrictions focusing on education and gathering the team of 5 million for the next round of this battle. We are aware it is a stressful time for all, and one in which we must all do our best to follow the advice and directions to maintain public health and preserve life.

On the normal crime and offending front, Monday saw Police receive a report of a vehicle failing to give way on the Red Bridge and a dispute as to which party should give way. The matter is still under investigation. We also received a report of a local woman freedom camping on Eely Point Reserve.

Tuesday saw Police dealing with a severely intoxicated person at an Upton street address. We also apprehended an intoxicated person for driving with excess breath alcohol.

On Thursday Police received a report of theft of Elan Amphibio skis at the Cardrona Alpine Resort. We can’t stress this enough, please keep your ski or snowboard gear in sight when up the mountains, as some visitors to the resorts unfortunately do not share the same values and morals, and feel they are entitled to take your property.

Friday saw Police deal with two motorists for excess breath alcohol. One driver is off to court to explain themselves to the judge.

Saturday saw Police dealing with an intoxicated male found inside an address, unfortunately it was not his home address. A reminder to keep your doors locked. Hopefully the person involved will reflect on their degree of intoxication and inability to find their way to their own home.

Throughout the week Police dealt with three family harm incidents. Local support services including mental health teams have been engaged after some of these occurrences.

We are again heading into a period of uncertainty for our local community with the limitation of internal travel, particularly from Auckland. This will further damage our economy and increase stress.

Try and enjoy the simpler things in life and remember think of the common good of the whole community.
Reflect on what is really important and BE KIND!

Have a safe week.