Crime Line

Crime Line

2 September 2020

G‘day everyone, I hope you all had a good week. We’ve been kept rather busy with a variety of jobs attended.

On Monday, Police served a trespass notice to an individual denying them entry to a local establishment. Always best not to cause a fuss at the watering holes if you wish to wet your whistle at them in the future.

Tuesday saw two reports of cars broken into. These were at the Young Valley carpark and the Fantail Falls carpark. The cars were rifled through with the offenders looking for items that take their fancy. A handy tip to stop these types targeting your car, is to leave no items visible and leave your glove box and centre console open so they can see it’s empty. Police also spent a significant amount of time searching for an individual who might have been in distress, but turned out to not be needing our help.

Wednesday was a bit of a reprieve for us.

Some skis were stolen from Cardrona by the ski racks on Thursday. Wanaka Police also were involved in the kidnapping in Alexandra. A late night report of overdue day walkers near Fantail Falls saw Police trying to locate their car in the small hours of the morning. Thankfully they walked out the next morning after Search & Rescue had been mobilised already.

Friday saw a report taken of a lost EFTPOS card that had been used earlier in the week. If you notice you’ve lost your card, put a hold on it immediately through your banking app or by calling them. This will stop any unauthorised use. In the evening, District Road Policing staff had the booze bus out. Five drink drivers were nabbed with two of them off to court and the remainder receiving tickets.

Saturday was a busy day for us. Dayshift were kept busy helping with a large fire and driving complaints. The evening saw the booze bus out again with five more drink drivers caught. Police also helped someone get to a safe place after they found themselves incapable of looking after themselves, most likely due to a combination of drugs and alcohol.

In relation to the booze bus and checkpoints in general, we are aware that the location gets outed pretty quickly to alert the rest of town. This sort of behaviour is actually enabling drink driving, so please think twice before essentially letting them drive drunk. These people need to get caught because ultimately they could hurt your dear ones on the roads. Some people have already had the misfortune of experiencing this.

Enjoy your week everyone and stay safe.