Wanaka Based Charitable Trust Pushes 'Reset Button'.

2 September 2020

After three years under the One New Zealand banner, the charitable trust has announced a change of name to WAO. WAO is both an acronym of We Are One and the Māori word for forest.

The forest symbolises the space between the ecological ceiling and social foundation, which we need to
transition from a siloed monoculture into a self sustaining ecosystem. The name better reflects the
organisation’s core values of partnership and collaboration, as well as the focus on a regenerative
approach to future thinking.

WAO was founded by Wānaka locals Monique Kelly and Arna Craig in 2018, and has since hosted workshops, events and summits in both Queenstown and Wānaka to further its mission “to educate, inspire and enable New Zealand communities to accelerate towards a Carbon Zero future and beyond.”

Wao have also been the driving force behind SUC Free Wanaka and the Wanaka Hospo Goes Eco working group, the Better Building working group and the annual Harvest Festival, among many other local sustainable initiatives.

The WAO team are finalising details of the organisation’s annual summit, which last year saw over 2,000
interactions with locals on both sides of the hill attending workshops, keynote and seminars.

“The trust decided it was more important than ever to hold our flagship event,” said Kelly. “We aim to get the community talking, collaborating and activated about resetting the dial, especially given the pressures our community is facing in the wake of Covid-19. It’s no coincidence that we have also chosen this point in
time to rebrand the charitable trust. It just felt right”

The 2020 Summit - which they have called the Reset Summit - will offer a mix of events between
27 October and 1 November 2020. The programme for 2020 will be announced early September.