Having Those Awkward Parent Conversations With Youth.

9 September 2020

Knowing how to respond to questions around consent, sexuality and pornography is typically difficult for parents. Often parents ask “Am I up to date with the facts? How do I respond to these awkward conversations? Are other parents going through this or just me?”.

Awkward and uncomfortable conversations are exactly Richie Hardcore’s area of expertise. As a keynote presenter and educator, Richie has spoken throughout Australasia on topics that most find difficult to discuss. He does so with ease, grace and humour making the interrelated themes of consent, sexuality and pornography, easier to digest and relatable to all.

To this end, Richie will be presenting in Wanaka to share his knowledge, experiences and expertise for the benefit of parents, health promoters and educators. Richie aims to discuss and provide critical understandings of a culture embedded with unhealthy ideas and beliefs around these awkward topics and more. Details of his work can be found on his website:

Recent surveys conducted by Wanaka Alcohol Group, show parents of young people have expressed concern around the issues of alcohol consumption, sexual risk taking and pornography.

This evening will be an opportunity to listen, learn and discuss ways of shifting the uncomfortable to become the ‘comfortable’.

An evening brought to the wider community by the Wanaka Alcohol Group in partnership with Mt. Aspiring College, Kahu Youth and QLDC.

Tuesday 15 September,
7.00 - 8.45pm at Lake Wanaka Centre.
Cost is $10, to register go to: