Crime Line

21 October 2020

Winter resort season is a wrap. Well done Treble Cone, Cardrona and Snow Farm, I know you guys showed the region off well and bring on next winter.

We still get plenty of calls of bad drivers on our roads and thanks for that. With your help we can tidy up behaviours of locals and visitors driving to keep us all safe.

This month is “impairment month”. This relates to drink and drug driving. Now that doesn’t mean we are ignoring those seatbelts, driving while using cellular phones and stop signs etc, so please think about what you are doing on the roads.

This week we dealt with a mix of cases and here are a few that we are able to put to print.
We dealt with two family harm matters this week where people just don’t get on. It is important to realise when to display behaviours you can be proud of, rather than behaviours that are only intended to hurt. Children are affected by what they see.

A male in Hawea was arrested for being in unlawful possession of a firearm and using it near to a dwelling. Please be mindful where you are shooting rabbits, it is an offence to discharge a firearm in a built up area, or near dwellings.

We had the report of a ute on Macpherson Street that has been broken into over the last few weeks and if anyone has seen anything or knows anything about this, please call us, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

We dealt with an elderly lady who has been going onto properties that she doesn’t belong. There was no criminality in her actions, but please be vigilant and keep precious items locked and houses locked. Not all wanderers have no criminal intent.

We had a search and rescue from the mountains this week, where the group had all the correct equipment and made the right choices to call for assistance, and made the rescue as low risk as possible. This is a timely reminder to check that your gear and equipment is safe and fit for purpose out in the hills and the lakes etc. Make sure the boat trailer is up to date and your safety equipment is operational before you need to rely on it.

Have a great week everyone.